As another Sky

Morning of the 23rd of December, waking up to the Light of the Caribbean. The room was interestingly enough number 2014 which was where we would indeed spend the few last days before New Year’s. It was here my family and I travelled first to Cuba for 10 years ago. As such I feel like this is the beginning of catching up with all the amazing places been lucky to visit to sequence them in some way over the next years.

Ever as familiar as it could be for someone who is not resident there, signs of change where not in lack of. With the jetlag the night before there was enough hustling outside the hotel and it was rather very attention seeking in the main avenue towards the sea. But at that point there was something beautiful, pure going on where seemingly all the cuban youth would simply gather as a collective and the central part of it all was the human interaction. You see far too much technology obsession in Western Europe and so it is refreshing to see where it is not overtaking us.

From the view you can see light with an overtaking effects, the beauty of havana is one of few as it interplays into the colonial masquerade of an architecture. The sky feels like a different color and every breath of air you take is one you value all the more.

The start of this trip saw an unfolding of a lot of Ektar film for the Rolleiflex and as a new and important experiment – the sketchbook to which I was trying to compliment every experience there was a chance to. Timing 15 days it was just about fit for a documentation that I am still in the efforts of narrating in the most meaningful way. As has been it’s fragmenting out from the trip first.

I leave you with a soundtrack mix which I’ve collated for travels – inspiring music.

Cuba Series

De tu Vista

The fuller body of work from Cuba is long overdue to this blog.

It’s a really wide pool of images and I have yet to gather them all, some are still in the fridge..

So, to anyone curious in the meantime there is the flickr page for more of this :)


Hay un lugar

Por donde

A week before embarking to Cuba, the news seemed to take the world by great surprise of how their 55 years of socialism was to meet a new phase. To have a ticket to this special country back then was of enormous value; a country in front of a lot change in the coming years.

You would think most travellers would be all the more aware of the timeliness of the place as such; photographically a great discovery to pursue interpretations of this, in the mood and interesections the eye could meet.

I’m gonna start with a single frame for this, as I am still awaiting a wider pool of film to get ready.

Cuba Trailer

A lot more coming soon.

London by Night Series

along the road

With some very direct references to Burial, you’d wonder who these guys are. Very little info on them, but there are some sectioned compilations here that are some interesting finds worth sharing.

poetic Tycho roadtrip material. beautiful vocals, amazing kickoff.


The late 2014 is far too short of light to continue much photography around London, so instead here comes a throwback from Milan 4 years ago. A few of these would happen in the name of the Icelandic Volcanic Chao of that time, which allowed me to hang around for a little while longer and play with Italia’s light. I remember well there was a Stanley Kubrick photo exhibition then, which really influenced my stance on the practice. The frames are scattered, but are a few of the ones standing out in some way.

Al chiaroscuro as you would.. If every student could be offered such an environment we’d live in a much more developed reality.

While dining, this trio fully caught our attention. I started with the 35mm, until i couraged up to go beyond the bar counter and use the hasselblad as it was too special.

Come to think that inception came out some 3 months later.

So if you can be surprised about the reptile being the flatmate, so would have the partner to keep him – also in a very dark room I remember.

DJ Set after Roisin Murphy was complete.. or maybe she was still on. It didn’t matter – the music was putting everyone in a sweet dance mood.

At the end of a Roisin Murphy gig, somewhere in North Milan. It was around 3-4 in the morning, think he was just trying to stay steady. It was the last frame I remember from this night.