Dalston, East London. November 2015.

Icelanding Waves

If you could point to all the great music events at any give night you’d have a pretty interesting crossfade.
Last Friday Gus Gus played in Airwaves, whilst Apparat was playing at the Barbican. Let alone what would be happening in Berlin, Prague or Shanghai.

Absolutely fell in love with these sounds; Gus Gus have always been a sound to return to but they’ve evolved to a real hypnotic, vocal pulling and ephemeral experience to listen to. Appearently this is past 3 years ago┬ábut the sounds get to you.

Whilst the new negatives get processed.






the sketchbook project

Behind the camera is always a sketchbook. Coming to day 250 of it, it’s been quite a lot collected, a stream of subconsciousness. One way I will have to find a way to share some of it.