Soundtrack on a fjord


Secret Cinema Presents : Back to the Future

Italy Post up in the next days.

Little time to blog this summer, it’s warm outside and there’s a whole new world here when everyone is out. Been some very interesting moments with the World Cup and the crowds, the bustle around the summer where you simply cannot catchup with it all – Glastonbury, Wimbledon and South American matches. It’s really happening around here and it’s ever as exciting to keep an eye out for the streets.

Been picking up the 35mm recently, as it’s been put aside for too long. New experiments with color film, here seeing what the fujicolor has on offer. And for anyone who knows this city very well red is the at the very heartbeat of the the city.

This character interestingly reminded me of the second character, in the way you could imagine hypothetical different paths.

The Recital That Never Happened



“I wanted to create an album that’s atmospheric, repetitive, and easy to listen to over and over again,” says the man himself. “Something that works well in the background (e.g. when concentrating on work), as well as up close in a big sound system. I also wanted to learn how to make my music sound better than before, since I’m a huge sound-nerd, so that was a part of the goal for me personally.”

The album is a fine fusion of tropes from Yagya’s earlier albums, features jazz instrumentalists that improvise beautiful melodies over monotonic, almost drone-like, techno beats and also uses live recordings of Japanese vocals, saxophone and guitar to counter the repetitiveness of the rhythms.

ight from the rolling bliss of the opener, you’re suspended in a womb like pillow of sound that is soft, warm and serenely beautiful. As tracks roll on, the pace stays the same but themes vary from upright and summery to more elongated and insular. This is natural, organic dub that is a delight and a pleasure to listen to.”


Amber of the Moment

I can´t believe it´s May already. No time to go to the lab, pressing tasks, etc. In the meantime Hopkins just released another grand sound, so what´s to worry. Next time with a playlist.