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Over the Dune, Behind the Sun

This morning a flight landed in London from Bangkok, to which I was lucky to be onboard. It was the tail of an amazing trio to Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia over the last 16 days.

As it were, film process take a while, so it won’t be before a while that the latest trip will be ready to be shared, so here follows a continued series from Canaria, and its sun-promised terrain.



About a year ago my Father and I got on a plane from London to Havana. Somewhere whilst the sun sets in the North of the West you know the light is hitting the beautifully decaying walls of Cuba and people are walking to a rythm of music.

It’s incredible that you can take on these experiences. It’s another reality.

Not too long ago I was chasing the light as every winter it feels slimmer what’s available and I understand so much better the urge to seek it. Even if it’s not warm, just to be able to have visibility to the sun would make a great difference.

So today is the 21st of December. It’s easy to think that there is planetary routine and the shift is expected – it’s fascinating that this has been happenning for such a long time, and that it persists as a thing of its own.

It’s packtime again. But only a small trip before the big one.

Wish everyone who reads this blog a great holiday.


Soho Nights

Piano Jam

Thanks Sam for recommendation. Beautiful Piano moments.

Never stop experimenting

Dalston, East London. November 2015.