Late Night Tales with Nils Frahm

The Warmest Day

The Warmest Day in the UK. The Sea was calling – but so was the discovering of Brighton on its wider arms.

Around Midnight

The film that got scratched

Brooklyn, New York 2010

Part of a wider street Music Series.

Shepherd´s Bush, London. Jule 17


Bank Station. I have been meaning to spend some time here, as there are so many interesting sidestreets and contrastful buildings, it used to be a good transit for home but it´s far too busy there in the peak hours.

Without knowing exactly how this would unfold I got out of the station and wanted to give that location a try. It bridges the divide between the underground and the street and it´s just one of those exits where the options present themselves to you as A vs B. If you are new any option will do. With this view you often too also make your ideas about an entrance through the shoes and the walk of a person as it wll be what you see first. How from their you start to form an idea about a full character happens in splitseconds but the reversal has another affect on interpretation.

I had no idea if that person would even stop outside rather than just fluctuate into the alleys of the city like most people do. He stopped right be the exit and that´s when I decided to follow this up and move to somewhere between photography and film, where in some documentary way,(as in unaffecting the circumstances), and filmmaking but in the form of the static image.

How the few mintues reversed itself I don´t know but it really brings back that conversation of the information of any given image versus a wider set. Who knows what information was digested to go back down, and where was he off to?

close and far

It was one of the first warm days out in London this year. A Soho street was at almost festival level and you feel everyone wanted to be our and take in that air of change. Standing right next to me at the entrance of that street were these guys, I quickly got my way to discreet the camera out of the bag and ask them for a frame. There was a lot in the environment around them that caught my interest, it was a palette particular to soho, and represented the diverse mix of people you find in London.

Fish & Suits