Walk by the River



Britain has always been a country with great bondship to Music, as I think many see it. When the music is played with spirit, and for the sake of it there is something real good to. I hear the sounds of this drummer from afar, both sides of the dome of Brighton amidst the belated winter attempts of ice skating and youthful embrace. I am trying to get closer to the guys playing on the street. Appreciating what the artist was doing I asked  if I could take a frame and in response kept going on, it was a gentle sympathic reaction.

Not far away the remniscence of what was so customary, and in that street more so.

It was too late to ice-skate unfortunately, but it was obvious that it was in for an overwhelming newcomer experience.

Avenue Madeira, also from this crossing here last summer. The skies got blown out but they were really running the minutes. It’s all the more awkward now looking back to what really happened to Brigthon not much later.

There is something timeless and so surreal of walking onto this pier, it doesn’t matter if Earth is halfcircle or fullcircle, whether there is a blue canvas above or amass of waterfilled roofs. Every time the sensation is of walking into a dream – possibly oversensing the matter but having grown up with harbours and piers experiences this is another world altogether.

london skyline




If you have a chance in life to make something unique out of certain moments, you should definitely go for it. I saw my last days of my 20′s in London with a second round of nostalgia after New Year’s classic reminder of timescales.

With that in mind it is quite easy to wish for a sort of escapade, or rather an opening to embrace a new chapter. As infatuated as I’ve always been with the ocean I took the chance to go back to Brighton at first occasion. It was magical for us to be there in the rain. Winter was still there but flashes of time came by being so close to the water.

When I came back to work in London the following days I heard about the tragic news of the passing of Komla Dumor who was only 41 years old. This is really hard to believe, the guy was a legend, and had so much promising ahead of him in the world of journalism. There are a few people who really stand out for their positive energy alone. He was that kind of person. I became all to aware of this as he was passing by my just a few weeks ago at work, I wanted to talk to him one day – now it’s too late.

It’s really a mystery to me how this really happened but it is a reminder of how fragile life is and you never know what can happen. Every Day is a Blessing. No matter how you feel time takes over you – you are still gifted with time in front of you.

Wind from Africa

Breezes and light on a southern Island.



What’s in a Name


National Portrait Gallery.

Master was back in town and we were under suspicion of meeting the real M. There’s a bit of backtracking to the late 70′s there to a day in Panama.

Bar Italia / Soho

G and I were showing Daniel around London for the few days he was here.

Took Daniel to the local pub, both of us experimenting with exposures on the Rolleiflex relationship.

To be fair, I knew the Rolleiflex through him, as he once borrowed me his in Sweden. It was awesome but I never had the chance to see what the images could turn out like.

Hello. This post is from Berlin. It’s rather random but these are the latest images I’ve been making.

Appreciating the fact that I used to live in Germany and made some friendships that link me back there. It had been now two years since I was in Berlin which was thanks to Wolf who I worked with at IDEO in Munich. I went there two weekends ago. Lots of flashbacks from the locations I filmed at and rendezvous with the distinguished music scene. Still feel like this city is up to the beat and a complex identity process is kicking its way.

For our luck there was a great event happening over that weekend (I’m sure you can always find something of callibre anytime), a hacker/maker networking event much shaped by music power and the spark of building things. It goes by Remake – a creative ministry really up to something. Real sweet renderings of physical objects made out of simple plastic and metal. Seeing fellow designers make their own road, start their own companies and get traction is great to see. As the event warmed up we had a peak and I was intrigued by this young kid who was indulging into this experimental world. I thought of Wes Anderson and  Jennifer Connely and New York meets Berlin. It was the accent blended with the fabric of that space.

Inside the event’s backyard tents was a bit of a spacegarage; a bar with self-servant robots, yeah as if, but the slight surreal crafting of mechanical bits to start-to-make some crazy stop motion compelling story perhaps. They had belts made out of bike tire and spacelabs of microherbs. Interesting folks from around Europe and some from Americas.

The space was a bit empty which was confusing. I guess there are so many things going on in this town.  I wasn’t capturing events from later but one which should be mentioned is the experimental ground of Onyx Ashanti.

Very chill out. This is an energy I felt throughout the city. Even snoopy didn’t need to call for attention, just chill. Also that lamp idea as a lounge and workspace is brilliant. Afraid that’s all I had from Berlin now, but I am confident there will be more.


Not far from the Berlin Wall and the Caribbean yard.

Morning at the Michelberger hotel. This is where I stayed for my trip in the degree show after a warm recommendation. Super sweet place to visit.

A first glance at Berlin, a moment of joy.


Streets of London