The late 2014 is far too short of light to continue much photography around London, so instead here comes a throwback from Milan 4 years ago. A few of these would happen in the name of the Icelandic Volcanic Chao of that time, which allowed me to hang around for a little while longer and play with Italia’s light. I remember well there was a Stanley Kubrick photo exhibition then, which really influenced my stance on the practice. The frames are scattered, but are a few of the ones standing out in some way.

Al chiaroscuro as you would.. If every student could be offered such an environment we’d live in a much more developed reality.

While dining, this trio fully caught our attention. I started with the 35mm, until i couraged up to go beyond the bar counter and use the hasselblad as it was too special.

Come to think that inception came out some 3 months later.

So if you can be surprised about the reptile being the flatmate, so would have the partner to keep him – also in a very dark room I remember.

DJ Set after Roisin Murphy was complete.. or maybe she was still on. It didn’t matter – the music was putting everyone in a sweet dance mood.

At the end of a Roisin Murphy gig, somewhere in North Milan. It was around 3-4 in the morning, think he was just trying to stay steady. It was the last frame I remember from this night.


man in dalston

I can’t help but going for the occasional strolls with my camera. As a start, North East London as its own visual entity catches me with its brushes of motion & contrast. Cold and in a rush | Anticipating a big night | Present but yet so far away | Vigilant and too careful | Letting go | Obsessive hedonism | Experimenting with your lifestyle | Finding a proper home | Following the family root | These are just a few of the feelings I feel are going on around me as I walk up the local streets. Everyone is on their way to something and you might never see them again, yet what you see and how you see it will frame your point of view of that moment.

There is the story of what banksy is doing, when he does his work. The notion of street is so intrinsically about mirroring the everyday – the way he would do it is all in the secretive manner, for otherwise it doesn’t really work. I think of his work and how it ties in a proper analogy with photography. As an ideal and someone who really sets people’s mind to question bigger issues I really look up to the artist. Onto that, you never know who you are crossing in the street and the idea to cross paths with Banksy is something on its own.

This is not to say I associate this image with Banksy – but more so about the general approach about street photography. It’s an interaction in the space the message makes sense for, it’s entirely attached to the reality as it is a straight view onto a part of it. If it is true is another story, it’s isolation puts it onto all forms of interpretation.

I had been walking up towards Stoke Newington, aware that light was cutting short and I had a daylight color film on. Scenes of contrast set the canvas, and I was onto my last frame. A group of fashionistas were crossing my way and I attempted to make conversation around a frame, of which they didn’t seem quite ready about – which is cool, this happens. Now this set for still having the last ektar moment, for I was right upon the grand mystique just then. The little that was left of daylight, the direction this infers to the dark in the photography I tried to get as close as I could. I think later this set a theme that I am working on over this autumn and winter.

I’m torn between still and moving image, somehow still feels like a storyboard figuring out what it all means when put together.

The tracks go as following..



Soundtrack on a fjord


Secret Cinema Presents : Back to the Future

Italy Post up in the next days.

Little time to blog this summer, it’s warm outside and there’s a whole new world here when everyone is out. Been some very interesting moments with the World Cup and the crowds, the bustle around the summer where you simply cannot catchup with it all – Glastonbury, Wimbledon and South American matches. It’s really happening around here and it’s ever as exciting to keep an eye out for the streets.

Been picking up the 35mm recently, as it’s been put aside for too long. New experiments with color film, here seeing what the fujicolor has on offer. And for anyone who knows this city very well red is the at the very heartbeat of the the city.

This character interestingly reminded me of the second character, in the way you could imagine hypothetical different paths.

The Recital That Never Happened



“I wanted to create an album that’s atmospheric, repetitive, and easy to listen to over and over again,” says the man himself. “Something that works well in the background (e.g. when concentrating on work), as well as up close in a big sound system. I also wanted to learn how to make my music sound better than before, since I’m a huge sound-nerd, so that was a part of the goal for me personally.”

The album is a fine fusion of tropes from Yagya’s earlier albums, features jazz instrumentalists that improvise beautiful melodies over monotonic, almost drone-like, techno beats and also uses live recordings of Japanese vocals, saxophone and guitar to counter the repetitiveness of the rhythms.

ight from the rolling bliss of the opener, you’re suspended in a womb like pillow of sound that is soft, warm and serenely beautiful. As tracks roll on, the pace stays the same but themes vary from upright and summery to more elongated and insular. This is natural, organic dub that is a delight and a pleasure to listen to.”