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New Energy – Four Tet

Pretty inspiring release from Four Tet. And further, from the making story:

"Created on a laptop computer using Ableton Live software to control and mix VST plugins as well as manipulations of audio recordings. Plugins used for sound generation include Omnisphere, Kontakt, Dexed and Arturia V Collection."

Early June this year he played Brockwell Park in London Field Day and it was a pretty special thing to see, after Floating Points had set the space really boiling. One thing I won't forget though, as the space was not designed for the amount of people that came to see him, and as people were pushing and getting edgy he held off the start of his set, to mixed reactions from some of the impatient, disoriented ravers. It actually got pretty claustrophobic so they acted fair to take that stand.

Kudos for him and team for setting the framework for people to not go too far. I won't forget that. Once the security and staff got the stage under control he kicked it off and wow...this is taking you somewhere new.

These events never work when they get out of hand. For that disposition for the above, and the variety of music he produces I'll say he is great twice.

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