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Dutch Orbit

Paintings - Haarlem 2022

Haarlem, 2022.

I look back at this and they will always remind me of a special period living in Haarlem for a year. It was a really different type of chapter than Rome, but it was equally filled with a room to want to create and so I went on a new frenzy there, acquiring canvases almost every weekend, experimented a lot and didn't necessarily have a fixed agenda to it. Outside of work it was a wonderful release to play with colour, make something in the sketchbook become tangible, mix ideas and discover some of myself through it.

How we were treated moving out is a little sting to the story, since we had to achieve this rather fast to allow for the next tenant to move in, to save costs of a double rent to the new place we found - and so by finding all possible means to make a proper clean up I later found out the lesbian owners of the apartment were complaining of finding some tiny fragments of paint, calling me an amateur painter. I really hope to show those ladies otherwise, even if my passion is self-taught.