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Dutch Orbit

Paintings - Haarlem 2022

Haarlem, 2022.

I look back at this and they will always remind me of a special period living in Haarlem for a year. It was a really different type of chapter than Rome, but it was equally filled with a room to want to create and so I went on a new frenzy there, acquiring canvases almost every weekend, experimented a lot and didn't necessarily have a fixed agenda to it. Outside of work it was a wonderful release to play with colour, make something in the sketchbook become tangible, mix ideas and discover some of myself through it.

How we were treated moving out is a little sting to the story, since we had to achieve this rather fast to allow for the next tenant to move in, to save costs of a double rent to the new place we found - and so by finding all possible means to make a proper clean up I later found out the lesbian owners of the apartment were complaining of finding some tiny fragments of paint, calling me an amateur painter. I really hope to show those ladies otherwise, even if my passion is self-taught.

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Documenting the process

Over a good period of time, actually somewhere from 2014 I started fiercely adopting a habit of forcing some output out of myself into a sketchbook. This has been ongoing for over nine years now, and while photography was always up there as the important medium the tools became somewhat inter exchangable and I had not made any ways to isolate one other than a gallery here on the site.

So I decided to try an experiment with an account that captures only the drawing process, and touching into painting as well if appropriate, this will just have to be organic. So for those curious to follow the account is abstrktnoveau.

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Netherlands / Encounters

Amsterdam & Rotterdam / Summer 2017

It's King's Day in the Netherlands today, and the sun is out after a trail of wet, rainy weeks that were felt all the way since we moved to Amsterdam last winter. We got a flavour for it in Haarlem last year but assumedly nothing will beat its intensity than the capital of the canals and developed trade lords of the Golden Ages.

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Giant Cards

The question of an audience to this blog is a mystery to me, but I know I have approached it as a visual and audio playground and so when I get the chance to actually complete a track, even if short it feels worthy to surface it somewhere, and this is a natural home to me after having the blog for 10 years, despite an extremely sporadic routine to it, depending what's happening in life.

The first minutes with any music tool and the first thoughts are so key to what the energy turns and evolves to. I have been keen to learn notes and chords and every now and then I try to make a track as a learning process and chord progressions is really a fascinating progress. So much to learn but was positive about the direction of this track, which I called Giant Card after conversations with my partner when she draw this view of an imaginary giants using the oil canvases as a set of cards, a node to its format and an out of this world context, an idea she shared that I loved.

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La Nuit Venue (Original Soundtrack)

By the means that there has been little posts here, I found this little gem that made me just want to share inspiration. I followed Rone since a few years, and I find him to create some of the most interesting productions out there. With this release he has created a really romantic dreamy vibe, which was rather grabbing. Lyrics by Frédéric Farrucci & Camélia Jordana and performed by Camélia Jordana.

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Brooklyn Brush

Very much a dream to be back here in New York, even if I do realize it always comes at a cost to experience all the things you do here. Without wanting to repeat things, this time I want to continue seeking. I am drawing as much as in Germany, in the energy vein of inspiration. The feet pay for it, but at least there isn't the lab wait time. It's always a story of patience and letting go.