All my adult life I've wanted to get into music. Early in High School the label 'Global Underground' made an impact on me after discovering it at a music festival in a forest outside Oslo. 

Later, in life it became a symbol to the gate to London and exposed me to a range of soundscapes, from more dub ambient to house of any kind, you name it. 


I was able to start playing with electronic music kits with the help of friends when I lived in East London. I was about to turn 34 when I invested in the software 'Reason Proppelerheads', a simple keyboard, and a decent soundcard. Nick & Brian, it is a thanks to you I got started.

From there I was entirely hooked, and made it a mission to explore its horizons when I was dealing with a challenging personal story. 

Included here are some of the first tracks I've allowed myself to publish over the last two years.
My inspiration has for a long time been Yagya, Four Tet, Tycho, Aphex Twin, Nils Frahm, Moderat & Jon Hopkins. Having that said I am trying to liberate myself from any preconceived idea, just energies.

I hope you may enjoy.

Experimental tracks

Ambient moodscapes