Coffee and Sketches

Selected, NYC + Germany + London 2017-2018. 

Pandemic sketches

Selected pandemic drawings exploring abstract themes connected with architecture & typography.

Cognito Meta

Imagined spaces, dreams et al.

On Drawing

In the winter of 2016 a friend of mine and I were talking about goals and setting paths for news ways to do things. I remember the effect of learning from his 30 day project, that for every day in this period you set to produce each day a different output, and let the time constraint drive the process.

Essentially the framework is important to getting started. Brian was doing this with music, and I found it very inspiring and it influenced me to start on my side with something I wanted to get better at.

For me the it was drawing that felt compelling, and I took this upon me to start on a trip I did to Cuba with my dad. I invested in two black sketchbooks, and a few ball pens to get me started. In this trip as I started I found it to be incredibly invigorating, moving between people, architecture, and little companions - usually dogs. Naturally, with it came also a relationship with frustration that the quality did not hold up, but this was also what kept me going, that I must be able to see that I am progressing.

What started then to be a 30 day project followed me for the next 5 years, where I tried almost every day to have some output. Strictly speaking I managed everyday for 90% but have learned over time to do it when the inspiration is there, and not force it.