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May 25, 2022 - Comments Off on Giant Cards

Giant Cards

The question of an audience to this blog is a mystery to me, but I know I have approached it as a visual and audio playground and so when I get the chance to actually complete a track, even if short it feels worthy to surface it somewhere, and this is a natural home to me after having the blog for 10 years, despite an extremely sporadic routine to it, depending what's happening in life.

The first minutes with any music tool and the first thoughts are so key to what the energy turns and evolves to. I have been keen to learn notes and chords and every now and then I try to make a track as a learning process and chord progressions is really a fascinating progress. So much to learn but was positive about the direction of this track, which I called Giant Card after conversations with my partner when she draw this view of an imaginary giants using the oil canvases as a set of cards, a node to its format and an out of this world context, an idea she shared that I loved.