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May 25, 2024 - Comments Off on Transit


Three of the films from this winter travel were of the more experimental nature, and those I waited with for the longest to get scanned, it took me to last week to get them back as it was a path of patience.

The mystery over it all, is where a third film of this set ended up, it may even be in Brazil for all I know - I've searched it seems gone. But I take what I get on this one, and that means just a few images and a good lesson for me to keep trying.

I believe coming back to New York soon will spark the fire for continuing this series as I really wanted but life feels pulling me to the things I have to fix but it also takes time.

December 1, 2023 - Comments Off on Coney Island

Coney Island

Autumn, 2012

As I look back to these and make sense of the archive I remember how much of an influence Vivian Maier was in 2009 when the first images were revealed to the world.

November 9, 2023 - Comments Off on Talking Tallinn

Talking Tallinn

A look back at a really great week, spending quality time with my friend Amid - reconnecting us with what we know Umea gave us and our new life story.

July 2, 2023 - Comments Off on Amsterdam / June

Amsterdam / June

This past week I have been playing with the Zuiko 18mm - alas the eye of the fish. On the internet, there is rather few displays of what you can do with this OM lense, its use seems very apt for architecture at the least and with some willing risk with low light to experiment with handheld. Curious as always how this can work for photographing people, how close can you you / should you get with knowing where the line goes also.

April 27, 2023 - Comments Off on Netherlands / Encounters

Netherlands / Encounters

Amsterdam & Rotterdam / Summer 2017

It's King's Day in the Netherlands today, and the sun is out after a trail of wet, rainy weeks that were felt all the way since we moved to Amsterdam last winter. We got a flavour for it in Haarlem last year but assumedly nothing will beat its intensity than the capital of the canals and developed trade lords of the Golden Ages.