Colin Burns, Executive Creative Director
Joachim Falck-Hansen, Senior UX Designer
Stephen Moon, Senior UX Designer (Handover)
Samuel Yau, UX Designer


Sketches & Wireframes | Digital Prototypes | User Testing | Visual Design & Specifcation | Motion Design Mockups | Development Support

BBC Three was announced by Director Tony Hall to be closed as a terrestrial channel, and become an online only proposition to meet an underserved audience (16-24) through their digital channels.

In it’s online body - BBC Three was built to house a suite of new shortform and longform content, accompanied with contextual social media & third party content. By virtue of this, bets were high and getting it right by validated feedback was critical.

In its pioneering nature, this was a bold & experimental proposition - being the first BBC Responsive Website to fully use Cards & Promos.

Joining the project over halfway through, I was responsible for stresstesting the propostion that had already been built, and support the development through to launch.

Over 6 months, through extensive user testing, I iterated the online proposition to meet the feedback and adress a further series of new requirements from Senior Stakeholders.

The website went live In Feburary 2016.

Syncing up with BBC GEL's evolution of cards, I had the responsibility to coordinate across departments to ensure the direction was compatible with the need of other products.

Introducing a mix on 'Consume in page' and onward journeys turned out to be the most challenging touchpoint of the project; ultimately a key point to present the proposition in front of users as soon and frequent as possible.

User Testing

Within existing timelines, Product & UX were eager to explore as much improvements as possible from the target market before launching.

Key touchpoints regarded 'Discovery', and the exploration of onward journeys from indexes, utilizing the tagged topics. By showing users the same content with different interaction patterns, we could identify the most appropriate mechanism to make a case to build this.

The sessions served overall to validate the content and be useful for UX as well as editorial efforts. 

Final Page Designs

As a whole the website consisted of a very minimal navigation; offering users two key pages - Best of BBC Three, as well as a Daily Drop.

Entry points into collection pages can be made from any given page, where topics/collection links are surfaces.

Example of Behaviour for the Topic/Tag pages, provided to the engineers.

BBC Three launched in February 2016, as part of a large scale campaign across the UK & London. Collateral was cross channeled on BBC iplayer as well as all existing Television Channels.