January 2011 - May 2011


Joachim Falck-Hansen Interaction Designer, Interaction Class of '2011 UID ALUMNI

Design Process

Research, Contextual Interviews, Ideation, Workshops, Paper Prototyping, Visual Design, User Testing, Storyboarding, Motion Design, Film Production, Post-Production


City Scars is a study of interventions to rooted problems in our modern urban habitats.

This project highlights our ability to show concern and be vigilant about the places that matter in our daily lives. The design of this platform aims at creating a more responsive and e cient dialogue between citizens, police, and Municapal forces; initiated by a sense of responsibility and care.


During my Master Thesis, I was able to dive deep into each phase of the design project, and ultimately deliver a concept that would resonate with all the learnings and feedback I gathered along the way.

Research was done across Sweden, Norway & Germany with conversations with local authorities, Police and locals telling their personal experiences.

The evolution of the concept was done through multiple workshops, open discussions, user testing on campus and discussions in a conference in Berlin.

The nal result was a comprehensive report, architecture for the app, a set of visual screens and a narrative to tell the story of its context and use.