March 2015 - August 2015

Design Team

Joachim Falck-Hansen, UX Design Lead

Design Process

Design Research, Sketches, Wireframes, User Journeys, Visual Design, Visual Specifcations, Animation Prototypes, Development Support


The Space is a unique commissioning and development programme supporting greater digital access to the arts, supported by BBC and Arts Council England.

My team was briefed to design and build a labs/studios web platform from the ground up for internal and external use, to greatly improve the process of submitting and reviewing project concepts.


Led the User Experience for Space Studios from start to finish. I Worked closely with Product Owner and Executive Stakeholders to trans- late their requirements into clear intuitive designs with multiple review points.

I liaised close with the development team to deliver concise, scalable design deliverables, which were built with forefront technologues such as Angular and Firebase, allowing realtime updates.

For internal use of the platform, I engaged with producers to understand their needs and tested the platform with them, and iterated designs accordingly.

Project examplesProject examples
Lead White BG uploadLead White BG upload
Submission processSubmission process
Gilliamesque strokeGilliamesque stroke